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3D scanner 3Shape D500

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    The compact D500 scanner is based on the latest 3Shape technology. Today it can be evaluated as an economical CAD / CAM product with an optimal set of types of prosthetics. In the conditions of modern competition, the use of such an apparatus is economically feasible for dental laboratories with a small budget. Thanks to him, the modernization of technological processes will take place without significant cash costs and loss of time for staff training. Thanks to the intuitive interface and elementary control of the scanner, the operation of the device will not cause difficulties even for ordinary users. Application software is represented by such products: 

    • Dental System Standard. Provides a standard set of functions with a limited selection of types of prosthetics; 
    • Dental System Full Contour. Allows you to maximize the functionality of the device and use its resource to 100%. 

    Benefits of a Dental 3D Scanner

    • this device provides high scanning accuracy - up to 20 microns; 
    • digitizes physical objects with a significant degree of detail; 
    • the process of obtaining and processing data becomes much simpler and more understandable thanks to the standard software package that comes with the scanner; 
    • the device does not need a long and complicated setup. Working with him is very simple even for beginners; 
    • Using a three-dimensional scanner saves time and money. Using this equipment in your laboratory, you will go to a fundamentally new level of dental prosthetics and increase the profitability of the enterprise as a whole.


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