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3D scanner 3Shape D900

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    The most advanced solutions and the latest developments in the field of scanning-based modeling are implemented in the D900. This is a unique optical system that uses blue LEDs and 2 pairs of cameras of 5 megapixels each. It effectively eliminates image noise. The latest solution for the simultaneous digitization of several stamps allows you to perform color texture scanning with high accuracy, speed and detail. 

    3D scanner features 

    • Scanning of dental impressions, models of gypsum and constructions with implants is performed in high resolution; 
    • application software has an extensive range of dental indications; 
    • high productivity of the device; 
    • Real Color - a unique 3Shape technology that allows you to perform texture scanning to accurately convey the features of the physical model and the recognition of manual marks; 
    • automatic detection of occlusion when scanning the upper and lower jaws; 
    • scanning accuracy is 15 microns; 
    • the range of readings directly depends on the version of the licensed software (Standard or Premium). Work on the basis of Dental System Premium allows you to use the capabilities of the device to the maximum. 

    Operational advantages 

    • Compact size; 
    • elementary synchronization with a computer and laptop; 
    • ease of setup and work with proprietary software; 
    • robust construction; 
    • modern design.


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