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3D scanner Aicon MoveInspect HR

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    Aicon MoveInspect HR is equipped with cameras with high resolution, which allows you to accurately determine the coordinates of the non-contact method. In this case, ambient light is crucial. The scanner analyzes its reflection from the object and automatically builds a three-dimensional digital model. In fact, the camera is shooting the object and linking several scans into a single 3D system. The configuration depends on the measurement tasks (Start, Large, Precise). In addition, the device is able to determine the coordinates using the probe. So you can perform high-precision scanning regardless of the level of illumination, simply and quickly digitize ribbed surfaces and prismatic details. It is possible to determine the coordinates by labels, stickers and adapters. The availability of application software and standardized approaches to measurement make the use of this scanning device even more convenient and efficient. The use of the scanner allows you to increase the profitability of the enterprise and optimize many production processes. 

    Scopes of the multifunctional 3D scanner 

    • Metrological control; 
    • engineering analysis; 
    • digital archiving; 
    • industrial design; 
    • development of computer games, filming of movies and movies; 
    • duplication of products; 
    • prototyping; 
    • custom manufacturing; 
    • reverse engineering and so on.


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