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3D scanner Artec Eva

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    The possibilities of Artec Eva are practically unlimited, therefore this device has become widely demanded in the professional sphere and creativity. 

    Portable 3D scanner for the pros 

    The high speed and ease of scanning led to the active use of Eve not only in prototyping and three-dimensional modeling, but also in the medical field, during biomechanical research, in prosthetics and so on. Today, in many areas of industrial production, in design, in the preparation of architectural and design projects, in the process of training, creating computer graphics, experts increasingly prefer this advanced equipment. In modern conditions, this model becomes the optimal solution for users who place high demands on the quality and speed of scanning in color. 

    Advantages of the device: portability, functionality and security 

    • Ability to scan without connecting to the mains. Portability of the scanner is ensured by connecting to a tablet and the original Artec battery (battery life up to 6 hours); 
    • absolute safety for people and pets is ensured by the absence of hazardous laser radiation; 
    • fast weight and size parameters determined the mobility of the device and made its operation extremely light and not burdensome for the muscles of the hands; 
    • high availability. The scanner does not need to use markers and calibration. The operation algorithm is very simple: connection to a power source - activation by the Start key - direct shooting of an object; 
    • to scan complex objects, you can synchronize multiple 3D devices at the same time; 
    • the free Artec Scanning SDK software package allows you to adapt and create new software products to solve individual design problems.


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