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3D сканер Artec Eva Lite

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    Artec Eva Lite is a simplified version of the original Artec Eva. This version has a difference that affects the clarity of the resulting image due to the lack of ability to capture texture. All other parameters are fully respected and the Lite version corresponds to its full-fledged analogue. For Artec, high image quality is a very important indicator, so the price of the Lite version is reduced. Therefore, if you do not have a special need for a perfectly clear picture, then a simpler version of this scanner will be a godsend for you considering the price-quality ratio. In addition, for this type of scanner you can purchase licensed Artec Studio Software. If you wish, you can upgrade a lightweight version of this model to a full-fledged analogue of Artec Eva, which allows you to make color models with textures, this option is provided and paid extra. There is no need to change the scanner itself. The whole process takes place remotely. 

    Scanning principle 

    The digitization of the 3D Artec ™ Eva scanner is based on the receipt, subsequent analysis and combination of 3D frames. At the same time, a closed 3D polygonal grid is built - the plane. With such characteristics, it captures up to sixteen 3D frames in one second. The light source is a matrix of LEDs, which is not harmful to the eyes. A positive point is the refusal to use a laser. In this case, there is no need to apply special markers that combine 3D measurements with a 3D scanner - this greatly distinguishes this manufacturer. This feature allows the operator much easier and better to scan the samples presented in museums; variety of architectural forms; people. 

    Software version 

    The scanner is accompanied by its own software, which is produced by Artec Studio and has 2 versions. One of them is Ultimate, focused on the possible work with various types of sensors and scanners. The second version is Professional, focused directly on the work of Artec 3D scanners. 

    Main advantages: 

    • convenience and ease of use;
    • reliable and simple operational properties; 
    • high degree of productivity; 
    • high quality scan. 

    The device is purchased in the following configuration: 

    • Device 3D scanner Artec Eva Lite; 
    • Accompanying manual for operation; 
    • Artec Studio software.


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