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3D scanner Artec Leo

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    Artec Leo is the first 3D scanner with built-in technology for automatic post-processing of data, which made scanning as easy as shooting video. During the scanning process, you can observe in real time the creation of a 3D model directly on the scanner screen. Rotate the resulting 3D model, check whether all areas are captured, and scan the missing areas. 

    Record 3D Scan Speed 

    With 3D reconstruction speeds of up to 80 frames per second, Artec Leo is the fastest portable 3D scanner to date. Moreover, its wide image capture angle allows you to accurately and quickly scan and process the data of large objects, as well as several objects at once. And so that the scanner recognizes the smallest details, bring it closer to the object, as you would do, holding a video camera in your hands. 

    Scan and process even larger objects faster than ever 

    Thanks to its wide viewing angle, Artec Leo can quickly scan large areas of the surface. 

    Using the built-in battery and the ability to transfer data over Wi-Fi provide maximum scanning convenience. Move around the object absolutely freely - because no wires bother you! 

    Built-in touch screen with simple interface 

    Watch the creation of a 3D model directly on the scanner screen. Change settings, choose tools using a simple touch screen interface. Connect an additional monitor via a wireless adapter, for example, for teamwork. 

    Integrated 9-axis inertial system 

    The built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and compass mean that Artec Leo is the only portable 3D scanner that can not only accurately determine its position in space, but also distinguish between horizontal and vertical scanning surfaces, such as walls and floors. 

    Superb texture and shape transfer 

    The unique optical system developed by Artec 3D, which combines a 3D camera and a color camera under one lens, provides the most advanced process for reading texture and surface geometry data. 

    Large diameter professional lens 

    The wide image capture angle reads the maximum amount of data with the highest accuracy. As a result, you get an accurate 3D model. 

    Enhanced color rendering 

    Using red structured backlight technology using VCSEL (VCSEL) technology, an innovation in 3D scanning, Artec Leo has unrivaled ability to capture difficult to read texture, including human skin, and excellently scans in conditions of excessively bright light. This technology also allows you to adjust the intensity of the backlight for even better color reproduction. 

    Scan without markers 

    Like other Artec 3D scanners, Leo clearly tracks both geometry and surface texture. There is no need to apply and then remove the markers - just point the scanner at the object and start shooting. 

    Built-in SSD 

    Store up to 256 GB on the built-in SSD. To expand the amount of memory you can use microSD-cards - an excellent solution for 3D-scanning in the field! 

    3D HDR 

    Scan complex objects in HDR. This is useful for working with black and shiny surfaces, which are often difficult for 3D scanners. 

    Broad sync options 

    The scanner can be connected to the manipulator or conveyor system for automatic scanning, as well as synchronize it with many devices to use in other 3D scanning settings. 

    Artec Leo uses two powerful 3D scanning software products, as well as the latest 3D data processing algorithms developed by Artec. The scanner software, featuring an extremely simple interface and convenient touch controls, makes it easy to scan and process data in real time. For editing, complex processing and analysis of data, upload them to Artec Studio after scanning.


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