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3D scanner Artec Space Spider

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    The Artec Space Spider 3D scanner is an improved version of its predecessor, Artec Spider. The updated scanner model is successfully used in various difficult situations. For example, in high humidity, low temperature or in the open. The scanner is successfully used in various fields of science and production. Artec Space Spider is well established in the fields of medicine, design, industry, and museum business. The device will be an ideal solution for reverse engineering and indispensable equipment in the quality control system. 

    The sequence of the scanning process: 

    First you need to press the power button on the device, and it will immediately start working. The scanning process takes place in a very simple form. But even if you “managed” to do something wrong, the device will immediately notify you about this with a characteristic signal. 
    To obtain a full three-dimensional image of an object, you must smoothly move the device around this object. If during the movement you missed some area, you can return to it later and add the missing section to the work. 
    If a situation arises when you need to move an object, you should turn off the device. Put the item in a comfortable position and then turn on the scanner again. 
    To achieve the effect of the highest detail, it is recommended to use several scans combined into one. After such a combination, it is better to use the global optimization algorithm. 
    The above-mentioned algorithm is very good at handling the process of processing the resulting grid. 
    Then you need to apply a texture to the object. Make a few clicks and the same texture will appear on your 3D model. 
    Do not forget to save the finished model in any of the 3D formats. The most commonly used formats are: OBJ, VMRL, AOP, E57, STL, ASCII, CSV, as well as PTX. 

    Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner Benefits: 

    • Minimum device warm-up time; 
    • Improved accuracy control system; 
    • The configuration used modern innovations of electronic components; 
    • Indicators of reproducibility of results have grown significantly; 
    • The device is warranted for up to two years. 

    Scanner Options: 

    • Actually the scanner model Artec Space Spider; 
    • Instructions for use; 
    • Additional software.


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