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3D scanner Artec Spider

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    It is difficult for engineers, designers, inventors and researchers in various fields of activity to find a more relevant solution for three-dimensional scanning than this device. Reverse engineering, product quality control, architecture, medicine, the educational sector, mass production, creating special effects for films and 3D models for computer games are just a few areas where this scanner is used. 

    Benefits of Artec Spider 

    • Formation of a single model. In fact, the Artec Spider is a camera that shoots single frames at varying angles.
    • Then they are linked into a single grid using application software; 
    • work without calibration and markers; 
    • the ability to scan moving objects makes the device particularly popular among animators, medical professionals, designers; 
    • efficiency and accuracy. Artec Spider is 10 times faster than a regular laser printer. At the same time, he performs ultra-precise scanning (up to 0.1 mm); 
    • exceptional color reproduction. Provides capture of a range of colors - up to 24 bits; 
    • excellent compatibility with 3D applications facilitates the processing of three-dimensional models; 
    • portability of the device allows you to scan in various conditions at any convenient time; 
    • Artec Studio provides the user with a huge selection of measuring tools: from calculating linear distances to deviation maps; 
    • the scanner is able to shoot a variety of objects, both in size and texture; 
    • factory equipment implies the availability of Artec Studio related software, a power supply and a portable case.


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