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3D scanner ATOS Compact Scan 5M

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    Scan Features 

    The basis of 3D scanners is Blue Light technology. Its implementation uses blue light, special software and 2 digital cameras with a resolution of 5 megapixels. As a result, it is possible to digitize on each side, while the number of installations is not limited. 3D-scanner allows you to scan objects of any size and complexity. 

    Advantages of the model 

    A 3D printer has these advantages: 

    • Presence of LED projector backlight 
    • The device serves to control the quality of manufacturing objects, reverse engineering and digitization of large objects 
    • It can function by itself and with a set of branded point probes, in the latter case, it is possible to qualitatively scan the object from the inside 
    • The resolution of the cameras is 5 megapixels 

    Software Features 

    The device comes with two software packages: GOM Inspect and ATOS, which allow for technical control and measurement and control operations. The ATOS Software program helps to perform scanning; it has settings for solving various measurement tasks. Software is used to start the sensor head, process the received data, change it and finish processing. The program has a simple graphical interface that provides the user with the ability to control print quality, process and apply the received data. GOM Inspect is a viewer with advanced features. It has tools for detailed border processing. With its help, you can analyze ATOS information, as well as a system of points obtained as a result of scanning. This free package allows you to import, process and evaluate the information received. 


    • 3D scanner 
    • Program set 
    • User's manual 

    3D-scanner ATOS Compact Scan 5M will be reliable assistants in creating 3D-models and preparing them for printing!


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