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3D scanner AX-G7

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    The best 3D scanner for scanning large objects 

    AXE combines all the features and functions of a conventional portable 3D scanner and photogrammetry. The biggest breakthrough is a change in the measurement method for large objects, it is now possible to carry out such measurements with high accuracy using just one device. 

    AX provides high-precision scanning for large objects. 

    AXE 3D-scanner significantly reduces the cost of 3D-measurements, increasing work efficiency. 

    High accuracy 

    • Volume accuracy up to 0.02 mm + 0.035 mm / m 
    • Accuracy far exceeds that of a conventional hand scanner when scanning large objects. 


    • Large scan area 
    • Reduce the number of markers required 
    • Integrated Photogrammetry System 

    High speed 

    • 480000 measurements / s 
    • 7 red crosses of laser lines 
    • Single line laser mode to increase equipment sensitivity 

    Dynamic measurement 

    • provides complete freedom of movement between the scanner and the object. 

    Stability and convenience 

    • the scanner has one cable 

    Portable and convenient 

    • simplicity of three-dimensional measurement for large objects
    Scanner     AXE-G7
    Light source     7 red cross lasers + 1 additional. Laser
    Deep scan      supported 
    Measurement speed       480,000 measurements / s 
    Laser class       CLASS II (eye safe) 
    Resolution          0.1 mm
    Precision (300mm)        up to 0.02 mm 
    Volume (without additional device)       0.02 mm + 0.035 mm / m
     Distance         450 mm 
     Depth of field       500mm
     Output format         .ply,, xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .asc, .stl or customizable 
    Working temperature      10-40 С
    Interface mode         Gigabit Lan


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