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3D scanner DRAKE

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    3D Scanner DRAKE is a portable wireless scanner developed, manufactured and maintained in Russia by THOR3D



    The 3D DRAKE Scanner is the first hand-held 3D scanner that can digitize almost everything: from a coin to a tractor. The only thing to do is to choose the desired set of lenses (head) from three possible options: Mini, Midi, Maxi. The heads are removable, easy and quick to change.




    The scanner is equipped with texture cameras, which allows you to shoot both in monochrome and in color mode, has a wide field of view, due to which the scanning time is significantly reduced. The built-in touch screen, made in a rotary version, allows you to conveniently position the cameras relative to the object, as well as control the scanning process and track the result in real time. 

    The 3D DRAKE scanner can be used with a turntable (optional), which greatly simplifies the scanning process, eliminating operator movement around small objects. 

    The scanner comes with an intuitive Thor3D Suite software for processing the received scan data without restrictions on the number of users and installations.


    Lens (head)MiniMidiMaxi
    Accuracy up to40 microns 70 microns 150 microns
    Accuracy depending on distance, up to 0.030% per 1m 0.025% per 1m 0.020% per 1m
    Resolution, up 0.15mm 0.5mm 0.8mm 
    Texture camera resolution 1.3 megapixels 
    Light source LED white light 
    Working distance 15 cm 45 cm 75 cm
    Recommended Object Size 0.5 - 20 cm 10 - 100 cm 30 cm - 8 m 
    Field of view, mm 50x64 - 96x128 158x211 - 321x429 428x571 - 857x1142 
    Frame rate per second 10
    Data collection speed, up 1,200,000 dots per second 
    Data format STL, OBJ, WRML, PLY
    Dimensions 363 x 250 x 114 mm 
    Weight 2.3 kg
    Accumulator battery Built-in rechargeable, 12V, 60W (up to 1.25h scan) 
    Touch screen Built-in 7 ” 
    Software Thor3D Suite (included) 
    Data Transfer Tools USB flash drive or WIFI 
    Minimum system requirements Windows 8.1, 10; Processor - Intel Core i7; video card - NVIDIA GeForce 400 or higher with 2Gb memory; RAM - from 16Gb 
    Scanner Operating Temperature + 5C ~ + 35C 
    Humidity scanner 
    20 ~ 80%


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