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Handheld 3D scanner HSCAN330

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    HScan Series Portable 3D Scanner was developed by Hangzhou Scantech Co., Ltd. Uses a laser to get a point cloud from the surface of an object. A hand-held scanner allows the operator to easily scan objects of different sizes by simply moving the scanner around the object. It can be used together with photogrammetry (MSCAN) when scanning large objects to reduce the accumulated error, which improves the accuracy of scanning. The scanner is convenient to transfer and scan objects while being in the laboratory, and in production shops. 

    High accuracy 

    • accuracy up to 0.04 mm

    Real time visualization 

    • Point cloud automatically generates polygon mesh.


    • Ability to work in direct sunlight

    High adaptability 

    • easy to cope with glossy or black surface

    Wide application 

    • easily scan various shapes and sizes of objects

    Easy operation 

    • manual scan
    • ease of use in low space conditions
    • easy to carry, weight less than 1 kg

    Sound signals 

    • sound assistant operator 

    Three parallel laser lines. The accuracy is up to 0.04 mm and the resolution is 0.05 mm. A unique sound and light alarm facilitates the operator’s work with the scanner. The weight of the device is less than 1 kg, any employee can carry it to work in different rooms. Gigabit Ethernet cable, supports high speed data transfer. Quick device calibration. Stability - can provide stable results in all working conditions or circumstances. SDynamic reference - an automatic coordinate system for positioning a scan object. Easy transportation - a convenient case for transportation in the kit. One cable is used to connect to a computer.


    Physical characteristics
    Weight 0.95 kg 
    Dimensions 315x165x105 (mm)
    Light characteristics
    Laser class CLASS II (eye safe) 
    Light source 3 parallel laser lines 
    Scanner specifications
    Distance 300mm 
    Depth of field 250mm 
    Resolution 0.05mm 
    Measurement speed 205,000 measurements/s 
    Accuracy up to 0.04mm 
    Volume accuracy 0.02mm + 0.100 mm / m 
    Volume accuracy (with MSCAN motion capture system) 0.02 mm + 0.025 mm / m
    Port specifications 
    Physical port Scan data and scanner power are combined in one cable and connected to the scanner via a single connector 
    Data interface Gigabit network port
    Output formats.ply, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .wrl или пользовательский 
    Environmental parameters 
    Operating temperature range 10-40С
    Operating Humidity Range10%-90%


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