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ISense 3D Scanner

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    iSense is “sharpened” specifically for Apple tablets, starting from the 4th generation of devices. This auxiliary device is easily mounted on the body of the i-gadget, after which it is enough to bypass the scanned object and in a few moments get a 3D model with a high level of detail. The high availability of the device allows you to process and print images in a few seconds. For high-quality scanning, you do not need a tripod or special stabilization of natural hand tremor. Such roughness is fully compensated by the intellectual system of the 3D device. When scanning animals and people, there is no need to fear for their health, since the laser of the scanning device is not harmful to the eyes. Using this 3D scanner, you can create a digital model of a physical object ranging in size from 0.4 m to 3 m. In this case, the distance from the object can vary from 0.4 m to 3.5 m. 

    User benefits 

    • Automatic recognition of objects; 
    • a special Sense program from 3D Systems significantly speeds up the scanning process, allows you to easily edit images on i-gadgets, and then immediately send them to print; 
    • getting an accurate 3D model in just a few moments; 
    • freedom of use and a high level of control of the device; 
    • intuitive control of the application program allows the use of equipment even to those users who do not have special skills and knowledge; 
    • stylish and modern design; 
    • lightweight, convenient, compact - with it your iPad will turn into a full-fledged 3D scanner, allowing you to scan objects regardless of your location. Thanks to the modest weight and size characteristics, you will not feel tired even with prolonged use of the device.


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