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3D scanner OptimScan 5M

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    OptimScan-5M Metrology 3D Scanner

    SHINING3D OptimScan-5M 3D scanner is the latest blue light 3D scanner in the market, featuring high-end outlook, structure, component and configuration. Its 5.0 mega pixel cameras and blue light scanning technology bring users amazing scanning speed and accuracy, suitable for high-end application like defense, aerospace, mould industry, etc.


    Blue Light Scanning Technology

    OptimScan-5M Metrology 3D Scanner equipped with Blue Light Technology enables you to scan more kinds of objects with dark color feature or metallic materials.

    Higher Performance

    Adjustable Scan Ranges
    5.0 mega pixels cameras bring you higher resolution, better quality
    Overall accuracy could be contained within 0.08mm/m

    Fasting Scan speed

    Single scan time is under 1.5 seconds
    Data registration is free to switch between automatic alignment and manual alignment.

    Suitale for applications of military industry, aerospace industry, molding industry, etc.
    Non-contact 3D scanning can be applied in complex component like turbine blade measurement and inspection, consuming around 10% of the total time needed with traditional CMM system. Not only faster, but also full dimension inspection and measurement can be carried out.

    Reliable and Portable

    Projection light is safe for eyes
    Small and portable, possible for large size parts scanning
    User-friendly cross-bar makes it easier to be carried

    3D Probe

    • Compatible with OptimScan-3M/5M
    • Easily measuring the positions that non-contacted scanning is inaccessible, such as very deep holes
    • Optical CMM measurement technology
    • Wireless bluetooth transmission
    • Light and portable design


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