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Hand-held 3D scanner PRINCE775

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    3D PRINCE scanner with two different operating modes. It makes full use of the high scanning speed with the red laser and high detail using the blue laser, truly perfectly combining speed and high detail. The 3D scanner uses multi-beam lasers to obtain a point cloud from the surface of the object. 

    It can scan various objects with the detail you need. PRINCE is a unique choice in 3D scanning. 

    PRINCE uses the original range and depth of field technology. Its two-color mode can easily handle all kinds of scans. Using ScanTech algorithms, the scanner software very quickly processes the data received during the scan and displays the result in real time on the screen of your laptop. 

    The blue laser scan mode is a unique feature of PRINCE scanners. The minimum resolution in this mode is 0.02 mm. This allows you to get scans with extremely high detail and preservation of all the details of the object. 

    Switching the operating modes of red and blue lasers occurs in real time. The scanner inherited the R (red) mode from the HSCAN series scanners, and the B (blue) mode allows you to scan with excellent detail. These two modes of operation integrate scan data into one file, which allows you to optimize the speed and detail of your work. The speed of the camera is 120 frames per second, which is twice as much as that of other scanners on the market.


    Scanner PRINCE775
    Scan  R Mode  B Mode
    Dimensions 315x160x105 (mm)
    Weight 0.95 kg
    Light source7 red cross lasers (+1 additional red laser line) 
    5 blue parallel laser lines
    Measurement speed480000 measurements /s 320 000 measurements /s
    Camera frame rate 60 fps 120 fps
    Laser classCLASS II (eye safe)
    Resolution 0.05 mm 0.02 mm
    Accuracy up to 0.03 mm
    Volume accuracy 0.02 mm + 0.06 mm 0.01 mm + 0.06 mm
    Volume accuracy (with MSCAN) 0.02 mm + 0.025 mm 0.02 mm + 0.025 mm
    Standby distance 300 mm 150 mm
    Depth of field 250 mm 100 mm
    Effective working range 200-450 mm 100-200 mm
    Output Formats .stl, ply, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .asc, .igs
    Operating Temperature Range-10-40C
    Calibration Speed he Scan Software has a quick calibration function. Calibration time is about 30 seconds.
    Connection standardGigabit Lan


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