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3D scanner RangeVision Standard Plus

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    RangeVision Standard Plus personal 3D scanner provides the broadest possibilities in scanning objects. With it, you can get models of products ranging in size from a few centimeters to more than a meter. Key advantages of a 3D scanner The model has the following advantages: 

    • Universality. The 3D scanner can use various lenses, thanks to which it is possible to obtain excellent quality in the digitization of both small jewelry and bulky car parts. 
    • Mobility. The device does not take up much space. You can easily position it anywhere and start scanning. 
    • Highest detail. 3D scanning is based on the company's original designs. Using unique algorithms and a sophisticated calibration system allows you to create the most accurate models with increased detail. In one fragment can be up to a million points! 
    • Performance. The 3D scanner uses structured backlight technology, which increases the speed of information collection and processing. The backlight lasts only 7 seconds, another 5 seconds is spent on data processing. 
    • Fragment scanning. Large items can be scanned for individual fragments. A special rotary table is provided for this. Self-made markers can be used. This avoids the additional costs and expectations of their revenues from the manufacturer. The device can scan without markers, in this case, the combination of fragments will occur in accordance with the geometric features of the object. 

    With excellent technical parameters, 3D-scanner is in high demand among jewelry manufacturers, engineers, designers, advertising and other companies. It will help to get the digital model of the desired object as quickly and accurately as possible.


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