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3D scanner Texel Portal MX

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    The patented Texel Portal MX 3D scanner will help to carry out a full range of operations to determine the external parameters of an object: 

    • Scanning; 
    • Analysis of the information received; 
    • Building a 3D model; 
    • Preparation for 3D printing; 
    • Auto-rigging for animating a 3D model; 
    • Definition of measurements. 

    The device can be used as a high-speed scanner, which forms a detailed geometry and texture of the object, accurately determines the color and shade. With it, you can create a full-height model of an adult, and the scanner can automatically take measurements, which can then be compared with the size grid of an online clothing store for the selection and recommendation of clothing and accessories. High reliability is achieved through an integrated approach, excellent efficiency and stability of processes for the formation of volumetric miniatures of clients. A 3D scanner will help build a business for the manufacture of 3D models and figures and their implementation. 

    Specifications Key parameters of the device are: 

    • Scanning area - diameter 120 cm, height 220 cm; 
    • Object scan time - 30 seconds; 
    • The formation time of the model for viewing is 1 minutef; 
    • Features of the finished model - high detail, excellent texture; 
    • Detail texture - 1 mm; 
    • The customer may decide to make a model or re-scan, which allows to fully meet customer expectations. 

      In an hour, a 3D scanner can serve up to 30 people. It can be installed in places with high traffic, which will attract additional customers. A professional 3D scanner will help in creating an exact copy of a person or other three-dimensional object!


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