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    Atomizer for the manufacture of metal powders ATO LAB 

    Open a new chapter in your research and production with the ATO LAB atomizer. Here is a reliable and fairly compact system for the production of metal powders, including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and noble metals. 

    The basis of production is ultrasonic atomization technology. Thus, powders can be produced with virtually any particle size limit. And this technology does not take up much space thanks to new production technologies: ATO LAB is not larger than a conventional office cabinet in size. 

    The operating system is simple and understandable for the average user, the operator can control the process from the touch screen. The main task was to create a system that a novice could use. 

    Pros of using ATO LAB atomizer 

    • The highest quality of the obtained powders 
    • Process flexibility 
    • There is no limit to the minimum amount of powder produced 
    • Large selection of alloys 
    • Cost-effective production 
    • Reasonable cost 
    • Simple scalability of production 

    Areas of application for the ATO LAB atomizer 

    • Brazing 
    • Powder spraying 
    • Filters and Foams 
    • Traditional powder metallurgy 
    • Laser cladding
    •  Chemical synthesis 
    • Catalysis

    Where to order supplies? 

    SIU System recommends ordering supplies from official 3D SYSTEMS partners. At the moment, in Russia and the CIS countries we are the only official supplier. 

    Who can service the printer? 

    Specialists and companies with a special certificate from 3D SYSTEMS. Currently, only SIU System has this status and official service center in Russia and the CIS countries.

    What can be considered a warranty case? 

    A warranty case is a failure or critical abnormalities in the operation of both the equipment as a whole and any of its spare parts, provided that the client fully complies with the operating rules of the equipment indicated in the user manual, as well as the absence of other external circumstances and factors directly or indirectly causing a malfunction or deviation.

    For instance: 

    Warranty case 

    The lack of a built model on the build platform during or after the completion of the printer build process. 

    Non-Warranty Case 

    A voltage surge in the power supply network, which entailed the failure of other components and spare parts.


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