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Atomizer HERMIGA 120 / 50V2I

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    The system of gas spraying of metals with a crucible of 50 kg is excellent for the production of small batches of special-purpose powders. Metals for atomization: iron, aluminum, zinc, silver, nickel, gold, magnesium, copper, palladium, beryllium, cobalt, tin, lead, etc.Gas atomizer of metals with a crucible of 50 kilograms (for iron) Standard vacuum: up to 0, 5 mbar Maximum temperature: 1750 º Melting furnace with an intermediate bucket, bottom discharge from the bucket Heater of the melting furnace and induction bucket Additional equipment and features: 

    • Oxygen control 
    • Particle injector 
    • Hot gas spraying 
    • High vacuum 
    • Pyrometer 
    • Docking system 
    • Sampler 
    • Glove box with particle classifier


    Application:  ResearchTechnology development    Industrial
       75/3VI  75/5VI 100/10VI        100/25VI       100/50VI       100/50V2I       120/200V2I       120/200V2I 
    Crucible configurationBottom releaseBottom releaseBottom releaseTilt and discharge into the intermediate filling deviceTilt and discharge into the intermediate filling deviceTilt and discharge into the intermediate filling deviceTilt and discharge into the intermediate filling device  Tilt and discharge into the intermediate filling device
    Type of supporting structure and flooring      А 1       А 1       В 2       В 2       В 2       В 2       С 2       С 2 
    Melting Chamber Configuration      Vertical      Vertical       Horizontal      Horizontal       Horizontal      Horizontal       Horizontal       Horizontal 
    Type of vacuum ovenInduction InductionInduction        Induction and resistance heating   Induction and resistance heatingInduction x 2Induction x 2Induction x 2
    Furnace loading (for iron)      3 kg       5 kg       10 kg      25 kg       50 kg       50 kg       100 kg           200 kg 
    Molten metal flow  Low speedLow speedLow speedAverage speedAverage speed   Average speedHigh speedHigh speed
    Gas consumption Standard Standard Standard       Average       Average       Average       Tall  Tall
    Monitoring and displaying data Analog Digital / analog       HMI       HMI       HMI       HMI       HMI       HMI 
    Video control    Yes       Yes      Yes       Yes      Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes 
    Oxygen control      Yes       Yes     Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes        Yes 
    Jet formation      Yes        Yes       Yes           
    Particle injector      Yes        Yes    Yes        Yes      Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes 
     Water spray       Yes         Yes        Yes       Yes        
    Expandable for spraying titanium         Yes        Yes        
    Hot gas spraying          Yes       Yes       Yes        Yes      Yes     Yes 
    High vacuum option       Yes         Yes        Yes         Yes        Yes         Yes         Yes        Yes 
    Quick Vacuum Option        Yes      Yes     Yes      Yes    Yes  
    Retrofit with classifier and glove box     Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes      Yes      Yes       Yes       Yes 



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