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Aviation and space

Step by step, we are moving towards the future, and additive technologies are a great example of how far mankind has stepped forward in developing the latest solutions in the fields of aviation and astronautics. 

One of the main tasks is the manufacture of more durable and at the same time light parts, which would be possible to produce faster. It should be borne in mind that any, even minimal, loss of quality is unacceptable. Parts must comply with the specified parameters with minimal geometry deviations.

Industry solutions

3D printing devices make it possible to make parts that previously could only be assembled from a single piece of material. For example, nozzles that previously consisted of 20 elements were improved. Using additive technology, parts are now made seamless. The product design includes 3D-printed fuel injectors and parts made of light and heat-resistant ceramic composites and other new technologies. As a result, the engine will be more economical. 

When creating the internal body of the helicopter engine, the additive technology of layer-by-layer laser fusion is used - a large functional part of complex geometric shape was completely "printed" from titanium alloy powder. Each technology has its own field of application.

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