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An industry that was one of the first to intercept additive technologies and actively influence their development and prosperity. In dentistry, almost all modern 3D innovations are used. With their help, dentists not only improve the quality of their products and services, but also save significant money. In addition, 3D printers in dentistry guarantee accelerated production volumes and incredible precision in finished products.

Industry solutions

3D printers save dentists from a very complex and laborious process in work - manual modeling of prostheses, crowns and other products. Customers no longer need to wait long and go through the entire complex process from the first visit to the installation of the final design, going through a series of fittings and improvements. Now they just need to do a scan of the oral cavity - and soon get an excellent result. 

I also use three-dimensional printing to print cap for the further production of elliners. 

SIU System group of companies provides a number of services for modern dental companies in Russia and the CIS, and our catalog contains a number of equipment and supplies that solve many problems in the field of dentistry.

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