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Motor Industry

Additive technologies open up new facets of automotive design, new forms and speed of production. 3D technologies are new opportunities and facets.

Industry solutions

When developing an engine hood loop using the potential of additive manufacturing. The result: weight reduction, material savings and functional integration. 

Speed ​​is another important factor, as it means continuous design and development process as a whole. In addition, if manufacturers need a part of the car that is not included in mass production, they can easily print it simply by setting the printer to the desired settings. For example, with Geomagic Design X software, you can create a spare part based on an existing one. 

Printing spare parts on a 3D printer is of particular value among connoisseurs of car tuning. The modernization process itself involves not only a change in appearance, but also an improvement in the characteristics of the vehicle. To do this, apply uniquely designed parts and components, often existing in a single copy. Previously, their development and production required large financial and time costs. Now it’s enough to develop a three-dimensional computer model, after which any suitable 3D printer will make it possible to produce both prototypes and functional parts with the necessary characteristics. 

One of the largest American manufacturers of forged wheels has introduced the model, its main feature is that all components of the disk are printed from metal powder of titanium alloy on a 3D printer using electron beam melting technology.

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