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Nuclear industry

Additive technologies, which are increasingly expanding their positions in the industry, in fact, an integral part of digital technologies have also found their application in nuclear energy.

Industry solutions

The flexibility of this technology makes it possible to increase the reliability of the production process of necessary parts, eliminate critical suppliers and manufacturers and reduce the cost of production. The introduction of such technologies can help in the implementation of the strategy of import substitution and the localization of production of scarce spare parts to meet the needs during the repair campaigns of energy facilities. Additive technologies are used in the nuclear industry around the world: the USA (Westinghouse), China (China General Nuclear Power Corporation), the European Union (Siemens technology at the Slovenian nuclear power plant Krshko), etc. 
In nuclear energy, printing technologies using metal powders are mainly used as the main structural and functional material. For composite materials, printing is possible with plastic, fiber reinforced or with the addition of metal powders. 
The implementation of AT has two main objectives: The first is the reengineering of existing structures, when new elements fit into the framework of the existing structure. In this case, several parts are combined when it is possible to produce 1-2 complex parts instead of 5-10 individual elements. The second method is a complete change in the shape of the product, taking into account the advantages of AT. Topological optimization, when the product can be 5-10 times lighter with the same functional properties. 
To date, AT are used for growing parts of pumping equipment and fuel cells. In the near future, it is planned to complete testing of "grown" parts using AT for generating turbines.

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