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3D-printed life hacks with functional objects from Winbo

#SIU_for_life 2017-03-29 00:00:00

3D printing is an ideal tool for quickly creating objects on demand. Winbo's 3D printing company in China can be used for inspiration. Here's how 3D printing can create multiple life hacks. From functional objects that you could use daily to gifts for your loved ones on Valentine's Day. The Winbo website has many projects for all uses.

Waste disposal
The next time you need a new place to store garbage, do not rush to the store. Turn on the 3D printer and start 3D printing of the bin.
Winbo 3D printed bin

Cleaning scoop
Winbo also designs 3D printed trash scoops in your 3D-printed waste bin. So, the next time you need to clean up some rubbish, you can print yourself a dustpan for cleaning using 3D technology and ideas from Winbo.
Winbo 3D printed cleaning scoop

3D printed fan
Feel the coolness and freshness with the new fan and the possibility of personalizing it using a 3D printer. The functional object has a rotary handle that will help create a pleasant breeze. What's the best way to prepare for spring than print 3D fans for yourself? As with most projects, there are also customization and personalization options for this fan.
Winbo 3D Printed Fan

Sit on a 3D-printed chair
It's a great idea when there are not enough seats in the house and there is no time to buy a chair. Winbo offers three-dimensional printed chairs that can be used as seats or, perhaps, even as a small functional table.
3D-printed chair from Winbo

Valentine's Day
Step into the 21st century: On this Valentine's day, give your loved one a 3D-printed iPad stand. Although familiar flowers are pleasing to the eye, they are not as functional as the iPad stand.
Winbo 3D Printed iPad Stand
Your loved one will think about you every time he uses it.
Functional Valentine

Alternative for Valentine's Day
However, if you have no one to celebrate Valentine's Day with, you might want to get your eyes wet with a 3D printed Winbo tissue paper box.
3D printer paper napkin box

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