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3D printer ProJet 2500

#SIU_news 2017-11-02 00:00:00

In 2016, the American company 3D Systems, a leader in the field of additive technologies, announced a new model in the line of professional printers printing using Multi Jet Printing technology, ProJet 2500.

It was based on the oldest, semi-industrial models - the ProJet 5000 and ProJet 5500X. The new printer is not inferior to them in accuracy and reliability, but it is smaller, which makes it a great option for installation in any office space, and a more affordable cost.

It is made even more friendly for people in the same office by the low noise level during work and the absence of any unpleasant odor, which is typical for example of plastic printers that print using FDM technology.

If we compare the ProJet 2500 with its closest competitors, it leaves them far behind in terms of print accuracy and elaboration of small elements of models. This is achieved thanks to a patented technology that prevents microscopic drops of material from spreading after contact with the surface.

Other advantages of the ProJet 2500 include lower material consumption and higher speed compared to peers from other companies.

And one of the main advantages of the MJP printer from 3D Systems is the use of natural environmentally friendly wax as a supporting material in the construction of models. No other technology can boast of such a simple process of removing supports - just put the model in a furnace or a special treatment station, and all the supporting structures will melt themselves, without any human involvement. Removing supports from thin channels and internal cavities also does not cause any difficulties.

ProJet 2500 is presented in two versions: for printing with photopolymer plastic and for creating models from lost wax jewelry.

For printing from plastic, 5 different materials are available, including transparent and elastic. They are ideal for prototyping, small-scale production of end products, cases, models or parts thereof, and much more.

The wax printer is designed primarily for printing jewelry models with the highest detail and precision for direct casting. A layer thickness of 16 microns provides a very smooth surface.

The new printer has significantly increased printing speed compared to previous-generation wax printers.

In addition, the entire line of MJP printers has acquired the latest 3DSprint software, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of preparing a print job with a large number of models on one platform. It is able to automatically place models on the platform, optimizing their position to reduce printing time or material consumption, correct errors in models, accurately calculate print time and material consumption, launch many different printers from one workstation, and much more.

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