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3D Systems Launches Advanced Quickparts Prototyping Service

#SIU_news 2017-06-01 00:00:00

3D Systems, a native of the United States, North Carolina, has decided to expand its range of services in the field of On Demand Manufacturing (or custom production). The company has developed a Quickparts rapid prototyping tool.

 The Quickparts service is the manufacture of custom-made metal and plastic prototypes with an extremely short lead time - just 1 day. The new service appeared shortly after 3D Systems brought to life and commercialized its module called Figure 4.

Principle of operation

 Representatives of the 3D Systems organization explain that according to the requirements of the service, users only need to upload their CAD file to the site, and they instantly get into development. This process is very similar to the operation of a manufacturing office in the United States, which recently entered into an agreement with ICO Products to use the quotation software they developed.

 Eric Trison, a spokesman for Dorman Products, happily shared his thoughts on this. As a reminder, Dorman Products is a leading supplier of parts for the additive manufacturing industry. Trison confirms that the Quickparts service "is an excellent user solution for instant printing of any prototypes and small parts used in the production." He also comments on the created software and interaction with the user as a whole “convenient and comfortable, with an intuitive interface and all the necessary options that greatly simplify the loading and evaluation of the model, taking into account all its features, including materials, colors, a variety of finishes.” By the way, readers of our portal also praised the development of 3D Systems: the service was nominated as a candidate for the award in the 3D Printing Industry Awards.


 The 3D Systems brand offers many solutions in terms of the 3D printing technologies used for prototyping: stereo lithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), direct printing using metals (DMP), simulation using fused deposition (FDM) and color inkjet printing (CJP). It should be noted that the usual production processes that have already become classics for the industry, such as injection molding and CNC, 3D Systems also includes in the range of services offered.

 Phil Schulz, vice president of On Demand Solutions at 3D Systems, shared his impressions of the release of the Quickparts service:

 A huge number of clients of our company are interested in quick and high-quality solution of arising problems when developing processes or choosing materials. Another group of customers needs only testing their models and designs. Both of them value their time and want to get the result as quickly as possible. Quickparts is the solution for everyone. With the help of this service it will be easier to realize the most daring projects: the creation of parts on any production processes will take only 1 day.

 3D Systems also announced plans this week to enter the bioprinting market through a joint venture with United Therapeutics Corporation.

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