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3D Systems Launches D2P Medical Software

#SIU_news 2016-12-16 00:00:00

3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) organized a presentation of its new medical software. A product known as DICOM-to-Print (or D2P) was created to increase healthcare productivity. It will allow doctors to practice and schedule surgical procedures using digital anatomical 3D models. In addition, D2P will also simplify 3D printing of these anatomical models. Representatives of 3D Systems previously spoke about the strategic importance of the healthcare market and how they plan to repeat their success in this sector and other key market segments.

Kevin McAlea, EVP and CEO of Metals & Healthcare at 3D Systems commented on the project as follows:

Our goal with the release of D2P is to provide healthcare providers with more knowledge and increase their productivity by providing easier access to 3D models. This represents an important step forward in our comprehensive collaboration with the healthcare sector.

D2P can convert DICOM data (a standard in the field of obtaining and processing digital images and information transfer media in medicine) into 3D designs and will allow the use of 3D images in medicine. Compliance with the DICOM standard means that this software complies with medical standards. This simplification of the process will have a positive impact on the use of 3D printing and scanning in the medical field.

The D2P software is another example of how 3D Systems explores the possibilities of using 3D technology in various fields, as is the case with the Figure 4 hardware robot (image above). The company hopes that, since Figure 4 is not yet commercially available, it will be able to open up interesting new production opportunities with high throughput and the use of new materials.

According to 3D Systems, D2P software allows patients to use specific digital models that will be exported for various applications. Such applications include CAD software (CAD system), virtual reality and 3D printing visualization. Therefore, D2P can pave the way for medical diagrams to be displayed in mixed reality, similar to what we saw with the SketchUp Viewer. This application of 3D design would be ideal for classroom instruction.

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