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7 free resources for viewing STL files

#SIU_3D_in_details 2016-02-08 00:00:00

Sometimes there is no need for 3D modeling programs, but you need to open, view and check an STL file before printing. We offer you a selection of free resources for viewing STL files.


1) ViewSTL (online version) http://www.viewstl.com

• Pros: easy to use, allows you to host STL on the WordPress platform

• Cons: too simple, no additional options


2) 3DViewerOnline (online version) http://www.3dvieweronline.com

• Pros: extended set of functionality, allows you to place STL on HTML pages, allows you to share models

• Cons: you need to purchase a paid version to use all the functions


3) STL View (installation required) http://www.freestlview.com

• Pros: set of standard features

• Cons: not supported on Mac OS X, iOS, Linux


4) GLC-Player (installation required) http://www.glc-player.net/download.php

• Pros: set of standard features

• Cons: difficult to manage


5) Pleasant3D http://pleasantsoftware.com/developer/pleasant3d

• Pros: very easy to use

• Cons: only for Mac OS X, no additional options


6) 3D-Tool Free Viewer http://www.3d-tool.com/en_free-viewer-download.htm

• Pros: functionality, useful tools (check the thickness of the walls of the model, etc.)

• Cons: Windows only


7) MeshLab http://sourceforge.net/projects/meshlab/files/meshlab

• Pros: the largest set of functions from the above resources, convenient editing tools

• Cons: not easy to figure out, because this resource is not only for viewing models, but also for editing them

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