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Promotion on Cube 3!

#SIU_sea 2019-08-23 00:00:00

A great chance to get acquainted with 3D printing. We launch the action on the home 3D-printer Cube 3 from 3D SYSTEMS!
Available in gray.

The Cube 3 3D printer made 3D printing simple and affordable even for a child. It is possible to control the entire process remotely via a computer or smartphone using Wi-Fi. No more wires and flash drives needed! You can create your own projects and upload them to print using special software that is included in the package.

The printer can be used immediately after purchase!

For the manufacture of models, you can use materials in 23 colors, so the possibilities for creativity are almost endless. The dimensions and shape of the products are limited only by the working space of the equipment. Both adults and children can work with the Cube 3 3D printer, as the model is completely safe and easy to use.
The proposed printer model will allow you to realize any idea. It will help to quickly make a prototype with the highest detail or a new toy according to an individual layout.

The cost of the printer is 65,000 rubles.
You can also buy supplies for this model from us.

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