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What do animals and 3D printing have in common?

#SIU_for_life 2016-02-28 00:00:00

3D printing helps not only people but also animals. The use of 3D printing in the manufacture of prostheses for animals is becoming more common.
As visual and touching examples, we decided to tell you the stories of several animals.

1. Chihuahua named Turbo

In 2014, Turbo was taken from the orphanage by a pair of Ashley and Ray. He was 4 weeks old and had two front legs missing from birth.
His new owners built him a small stroller using parts from a toy car. Baby Turbo caught the attention of many on the Internet, including the attention of an engineer from San Diego, he then created a prosthesis for him, printed on a 3D printer. This is how the Chihuahua Turbo became known as TurboRoo.

2. Derby dog

Derby was also born with a paw defect: the front paws were not functioning properly.
Luckily for Derby, her owner, who works for 3D Systems, helped design a set of 3D-printed forelimb prostheses that allowed Derby to feel free to move and run and walk.

3. Little Tumbles

Animal shelter staff rescued a tiny puppy who was born without front legs. He was about 2 weeks old when they found him in the trash. The small cart was created thanks to the Ohio University Innovation Center team.

4. French Bulldog wheelchair Anne Murray

Pet wheelchairs are very expensive and often out of the reach of many pet owners. This project allows pet owners to independently (using 3D printing in combination with traditional methods) make a wheelchair for their pets. This project began thanks to the French bulldog Ann Murray. 7th Ann Murray needed a wheelchair, and especially for her, a model and the first wheelchair made using 3D printing were created.

5. Injured sea turtle got a titanium jaw

In 2014, a sea turtle was hit by a boat propeller. The turtle's jaw was broken, and the reptile lost almost 60 percent of both the upper and lower jaw on the right side of the face.

Fortunately, the sea turtle rehabilitation center helped the animal. In 2015, a 3D model of the prosthesis was developed using a turtle head model, and then the prosthesis itself was made from titanium material.

6. Vincent the cat

Vincent was born without tibia. Dr. Mary Sarah Berg, from Iowa State University, decided to help him. She created prosthetic hind legs. In the manufacture, 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies were used. Then the dentures were implanted in Vincent.

7. Battencap Duck

The Battenkup duck was born in 2012 with its left paw twisted, which meant that it was difficult for her to walk. Luckily for him, he was sheltered in a bird sanctuary. His injured paw was amputated, and a new paw was 3D printed.

8. Dachshund Bubbles

This little puppy was born without front legs. Her owners decided to make her a wheelchair to help her get around. They used carbon fiber in combination with 3D printed elements. The owners have posted this model in the public domain on the Internet.

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