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Achievements in large-scale 3D printing: 3-channel KONG3D printer and high-speed BigRep filament

#SIU_news 2017-06-23 00:00:00

Large-scale 3D printing is gaining new momentum thanks to two new developments from Germany: 3BOTS launches its world's first wide-format FFF printer, and KONG3D and Berlin-based BigRep have released high-speed filament for their wide-format line of machines.

 BigRep has already launched its large-scale 3D printers - One and Studio, and is now updating its offerings with new materials. 3BOTS is entering the market for the first time and will officially launch the KONG3D printer with a 1-meter cubic assembly volume at FabCon 2017 in Erfurt from June 20 to 22.

 The demand for large-scale 3D printers is growing as applications become clearer. BigRep wide format 3D printers have recently been used by Deutsche Bahn, a German railway company, to create head restraints for trains. BigRep recently received multi-million dollar investments from metal producer Kloeckner.

New BigRep Thread

 The new Pro HS thread is the second material in the BigRep industrial thread line. According to BigRep, a high-speed thread will reduce production time by 50%. This thread is similar to PLA in terms of ease of printing, but is reported to be "more reliable and has twice as much fluidity." In addition, BigRep claims that the material is a biopolymer and can provide a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process for other materials such as ABS.

 Rene Gurka, CEO of BigRep GmbH, who recently discussed his views on the future of 3D printing in our article, says:

 In addition to significantly reducing printing time, the main advantage of the product is the absence of the need for printer modifications to use this technology. It can be used for both new and old BigRep models. Especially when working with large-format printers BigRep ONE and BigRep STUDIO, we offer our customers a flexible and complete solution for a variety of requests.

 The filament is now available in sizes from 2.5 kg coils to 8 kg, and also exists in two colors: basalt and natural.

KONG3D Large-Scale Printer

In June, at FabCon 2017, 3BOTS plans to launch its new large-scale 3D printer. It is positioned as a useful device for creating large-scale objects such as props, sculptures and displays.

 3BOTS has developed a closed loop motion control system called SureGlide that allows users to monitor the process and control the position of the print head. Thanks to accurate monitoring, KONG3D allows you to freely resume paused printing from the last position.

 In addition, the KONG TONTEC inclined printing layer allows large protrusions to be printed without the need for support structures, which is why 3BOTS claims that the printer works with “various thermoplastic materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG or even flexible threads”.

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