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Affordable and high-quality photopolymer from MadeSolid (USA) in SIU System

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Friends, we invite you to pay attention to MadeSolid photopolymer resins.

MadeSolid specializes in the creation of consumables for 3D printers. At the moment MadeSolid offers 3 versions of photopolymer resins in different colors.

Photopolymer MadeSolid can be purchased both online on our website www.3d-store, and offline - in our 3D-Store showroom, located at Prospect Mira 54/1. You can talk with experts, look at the models made on this material and make sure of their high quality, as well as immediately purchase it in the quantity you need.
MS Resin
This consumable is multifunctional, suitable for prototyping, as well as creating finished models. The products have a matte surface, pleasant to the touch. Resin color options are black, white, red and blue.
CastSolid Resin
Photopolymer resin CastSolid, used for the production of burned-out master models used to create casting molds: the material has a low degree of shrinkage and ash content.
Vorex resin
Vorex Resin allows you to create high strength models
The material is used for the manufacture of functional prototypes and final products requiring special strength.

All MadeSolid photopolymer resins can be used with a variety of SLA and DLP 3D printers, including the popular FormLabs Form 1 and B9 Creator models.

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