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How to make money on gypsum 3D printing? Part 1.

#SIU_knowledge 2019-03-28 00:00:00

A couple of weeks ago in our social networks we asked the question: "What would you be interested to read about?" - and one of the users wrote that he would like to know how to make money on gypsum 3D printing. Well, the topic is complicated, because the article will have several parts.
Let's figure it out together!
To begin with, what is 3D printing with gypsum and its main parameters.
Firstly, gypsum is one of the few materials for full-color volumetric printing. It allows you to:
Create photorealistic color models
Great for full-color 3D printing: statuettes, figures of people, game characters, landscape layouts, art objects and architectural models.
Secondly, full-color printing is possible due to the technology of layer-by-layer bonding of a gypsum-based composite material. At the same time, using a simple color cartridge from an inkjet printer, the surface of the product becomes multicolor.

Here you have the wonders of technology.

Thus, 3D printing from plaster is a unique tool that is useful even in the theater.
We join in the congratulations of everyone involved in this great art with the International Theater Day, which is celebrated on March 27! We have an excellent case that clearly demonstrates the possibilities of plaster printing.
Did you know that in the Mayakovsky Theater instead of photos of all acting actors are their 3D models? We printed each to order, scanning and modifying manually.
Printing was done on the ProJet 660 Pro from the incomparable 3D Systems, just colored plaster. Here is the idea for implementation. What do you think? Already want to buy a printer for printing plaster?

In the next post we will give additional arguments and then your heart will surely melt.
And if you have questions about printing with plaster or printers, then call our specialists. Phone number in the header of the site.

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