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3D ceramic printing: a step forward in the dental industry

#SIU_for_stomatology 2020-03-31 00:00:00

The excellent biocompatibility of ceramic materials allows their use as a material for the manufacture of dental implants and as a material for bone grafting.

Unlike metals, ceramics are not subject to corrosion. Ceramic parts have long-term stability in both soft and bone tissues. In addition, ceramic materials show significant advantages when it comes to manufacturing restoration implants that look as natural as possible in the long run. Zirconium, often referred to as “ceramic steel”, is commonly used to repair damaged teeth, make fixed dentures (FDPs), and perform defect-oriented restorations. Zirconium can also be used when it comes to replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

With the growing aesthetic and technical requirements for dental implants, ceramic 3D printing becomes a solution offering a new design freedom, since complex three-dimensional metal-free parts are produced in layers, allowing to overcome the technological limitations of standard ceramic processes. With 3D printing, there are no restrictions on where the cutter can go. Veneers can be reliably made with very thin edges and with better mechanical properties than milled ones. Intraosseous helical dental implants to replace a missing tooth are also an appropriate treatment option.

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