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Valves for ventilators 3D-printed

#SIU_for_medicine 2020-03-19 00:00:00

3D printing has become actively used to combat coronavirus infection, and more precisely, to support medical facilities with an acute shortage of supplies for medical equipment. So Michele Faini from Italy, was able to reengineer and print more than 100 valves for breathing apparatus, which were not enough in a small hospital outside Milan. 

“We were ready to print the valves a couple of hours after the sample was provided, and the next day we were ready to complete about 100 valves,” says Faini. 

For 3D printing of parts, what you see in the photo, Michele used a 3D printer from 3D SYSTEMS. The model was not chosen by chance, because the ProX SLS 6100 and DuraForm PA (SLS) material have a biocompatibility class, which is important when manufacturing parts of medical equipment. 

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