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The Russian SIU System in 2013 became the distributor of 3D System, the company with which the era of 3D printing began in the world in 1986. The impetus was the news about the release of a desktop 3D printer at a price of a little less than a thousand dollars. Another decisive consideration was the need to develop our own additive technologies in the Russian market.

At this point, SIU System, which has been operating since 2008, has accumulated considerable experience in engineering solutions, so the reorientation to 3D technology has been logical and successful. This experience seemed convincing and 3D System, which entrusted the company from Russia with its equipment and business reputation. Ashkhen Hovsepyan, Director of SIU System, believes that in addition to impressive experience, the iron arguments that convinced American partners included knowledge of the Russian market, well-established business relations within the industry, energy, enthusiasm and a high professional level of the team.

Think in terms of industries

And it began. First, in 2013, the SIU System opened Russia's first offline store-showroom of 3D printers, where all the latest innovations were exhibited. Anyone could come in, see, touch, try to feel the technology. “But, perhaps, the main thing for us was,” says Ashkhen Hovsepyan, “that people asked questions that we ourselves did not have time to ask. Finding answers to questions turned into an invaluable experience. ”

At first, we dealt with all types of 3D printers - from simple desktop “toys” for advanced gadget lovers to industrial ones. Then they gradually began to focus on industry, because it was there that there were not only opportunities for creative implementation, but also opportunities to develop and even, as Ashchen put it, “transform various industries”. Such ambitious goals entailed the expansion of the circle of partners. Following the 3D System products, VoxelJet sand 3D printers, 3DCERAM ceramic 3D printers, which are expected to boom in industrial applications, Markforged solutions for carbon printing of light durable parts, followed. And finally, InssTek metal printing equipment.

Of course, there are scanners, software products, and an extensive portfolio of integrated solutions in the field of additive manufacturing has already been developed. The company has no sporting interest in increasing the number of vendors. “Our main task is to offer the client a technologically and cost-effective solution that will strengthen his position in the market,” says Ashchen. - We simply do not have sales of equipment. It is always OKRs, R&D, working out cycles, designing details, coming from a complete understanding of the client's tasks. A high-quality solution means that the client will come to us again, and most importantly - we just love to expand the client’s production cycle towards greater efficiency. At the moment, we have the right to consider ourselves a market leader in the field of adaptation of 3D-solutions for industrial enterprises. " The high position of the company in the market is evidenced by the fact that the state corporation Rosatom, working on a project to create its own metal printer for metal layering, attracted SIU System as an expert. It was SIU System that took an active part in the process of developing and planning the launch of the printer on the market.

The company has a team of engineers specializing in additive technologies. There are OCDs in a wide variety of fields, from engine design to medicine. SIU System attracts the best specialists from various subject areas to solve specific problems. The largest volume falls on polymer printing, which implements stereolithography technology. In the next position - metal printing: mainly aluminum, titanium, steel.

Focus 3D metal printing

Some experts say that printing large series is not yet profitable, but there are series in the SIU System. “Much depends on the task,” Ashkhen says. - If we are talking about surfacing technology, and this is the technology of creating large-sized parts and repair technology, then it still undergoes adaptation cycles for specific applications in serial production. This technology is not yet used on the scale that we usually have associated with the phrase “mass production”. But when it comes to layer-by-layer printing with metal, which arose in the additive field earlier than the surfacing technology, it has already passed through the development of adaptation cycles, and the technology itself has “grown” a bit and is ready to produce serial production.

To my question, which line of business is developing most dynamically, Ashkhen Hovsepyan answered rather philosophically: “What I focused on, there is dynamics. Two areas of our business help each other grow. Because I can’t imagine how to integrate equipment without services. And the integration of equipment is impossible without the provision of services. It's like a shoemaker without boots. If you believe in equipment, then it should work. Good equipment is working equipment. ”

Many strong engineering companies once come to the idea of ​​opening their own production. To this came the SIU System. The idea of ​​diversifying our own business is intertwined with the interests of industry as a whole: “If, for example, we put a plastic printer on each table, then a common understanding of technology and its applications, and therefore, moving the industry to a more efficient channel, will happen much faster than if we we decide to create another desktop printer ourselves. In my opinion, this is tantamount to the invention of another bike, ”says Ashhen. “We already have a good printer, and we want to localize and improve it.” We are talking about Korean metal printers InssTek. SIU System plans to open their production in Russia next year. But today the question is not just in the organization of production, but rather in the effective adaptation of specific serial printers to the needs of Russian customers. “By rooting production and development processes on our own soil, we can significantly accelerate the entire adaptation cycle and, as a result, give even greater momentum to the Russian market,” says Ashhen. - The company sets a goal to reach at least 80% of localization. This will lead to a demand for components and will entail the creation of new jobs and additional loading of domestic industries. ”

First Person Monologue

Competitors, of course, do not give a nap, but our competitive advantage I would call our team’s overall professional love for additive technologies. We are incredibly interested in doing this.

Our relationships with partners and customers go beyond supply contracts, service fees, and other unromantic things. We live it. Such practically self-generating interest causes ever new growth points. We love to delve deeply into the client’s problem, go into details that sometimes the client himself hasn’t tried to go into yet. Often the results exceed customer expectations, and sometimes our own expectations. The love of technology is the driving force behind our business.

The client can come at any time, make a request, test the equipment, you can say, live with us. We have no secrets, except for our know-how, which is not allowed in any business. To an interested client, we sometimes propose to make a small project in the laboratory so that it becomes clear to him how everything functions. At that moment, when a client makes a decision on integration, he already really has an understanding of what 3D technologies are. If there was no such preliminary adaptation, then, having received the equipment, the client would not have known the capabilities of the equipment itself and the applications. Therefore, we need to run some part of the distance together with the client.

Source: Additive Technologies Magazine, 2/2018

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