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M3D launches Promega, the first industrial open source 3D printer

#SIU_news 2017-06-23 00:00:00

Previously, the company focused its efforts in the entry-level 3D printing sector, but now M3D introduced its first industrial 3D printer called Promega.

 M3D, based in Maryland, today announced the upcoming launch of Promega on its new crowdfunding site, FropForLaunch. This 3D printer will be the first product launched on the website of M3D CEO and co-founder Michael Armani.

 In recent years, M3D has launched the production of several small 3D printers targeted at the consumer market: M3D Micro and M3D Pro. Both projects were laid out for financing on Kickstarter: the Micro model raised more than $ 3 million, and the M3D Pro showed similar successes.

 Now the company has decided to draw attention to industry professionals with this 3D printer. Although we have yet to be among the first to see the Promega 3D printer, on paper this project already seems impressive. When we get the test unit, we will definitely review the model.

 Michael Armani, CEO and co-founder of M3D, says: "Even we ourselves do not fully believe that Promega will be equipped with all the features that are announced."

Heated patent pending platform

 The Promega model offers an assembly size of 38.8 cm with the parameters of the device itself 50.8 × 50.8 × 55.8 cm. According to the M3D, the heated platform for the printer is powerful and energy-efficient. The machine uses a two-zone heating system, a patent application has been filed. Representatives of the company M3D report that this system allows you to spend 3 times less energy than the system of similar 3D printers.

 Other features of the Promega 3D printer include a dual extruder mixing nozzle, COREXY movable platform, autoclave alignment, an all-metal frame, and a fully enclosed assembly chamber.

Pricing and Release

 Promega will cost $ 3,500. However, initially the model will be available for pre-order on FitForLaunch for a significantly lower amount - for only $ 1,000. M3D explains that with the new crowdfunding site, production can begin with pre-orders, which will allow printers to be delivered as early as the first month of launch. The company also believes that after the first few months of launch, up to 1,000 cars will be produced.

 M3D CEO Michael Armani explains pricing for the Promega: “Given its size and all the features included in this industrial 3D printer of your dreams, Promega would have sold for $ 50,000 just a couple of years ago; now we intend to sell it for $ 3,500. Our team of engineers was able to innovate in the formation of the size and energy efficiency of the printer to help owners increase assembly volume with relatively small printer sizes, while significantly reducing energy costs. ”

 Specifications M3D Promega:

  • Build size: 38.8 cm (cube)
  • Printer size: 50.8 × 50.8 × 55.8 cm (cube)
  • Weight: 11.3 kg
  • XY - 0.6 μm microstepping resolution
  • The resolution of the Z layer is 50-750 μm (depending on the size of the nozzle)
  • Movement up to 300 mm / s (typical high-quality printing at a speed of 45-60 mm / s)
  • Heat up to 300 ° C (420 ° C with thermocouple added)
  • Connectivity: Ethernet with integrated Webhost
  • USB host
  • SD card (for offline mode)
  • Print from any web-enabled device
  • Launches Gcode, sliced ​​from STL and other types of files of the 3D model
  • Compatible with all 1.75 mm threads (not included with the printer)
  • Open electronics
  • Open Firmware (Smoothie or Reprap)
  • Open source software (third-party host controllers).

For more information, you can go to the FitForLaunch website.

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