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MakerBot promises new products will have improved performance

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On September 20, 2016, Brooklyn-based MakerBot announced new 3D printing solutions that promise to meet the broad needs of professionals and educators. Having appeared shortly after the merger with Samsung, the company helps to expand the presence of 3D printing technology in classrooms throughout Europe. MakerBot launched new products and services, including printers developed jointly with Stratasys, with new applications and technologies, a Thingiverse platform specifically for educational institutions.

What's new?

New printers are an updated version of the Replicator Mini. The Replicator + and Replicator Mini + printers have been re-designed and tested to provide better performance. Focusing on the needs of customers, MakerBot expects revenge after the last failure. And showing off more than 380,000 hours of testing during development contributes to that.

MakerBot also offers the new Mobile Printing Application, which is designed to easily integrate MakerBot into the overall workflow with minimal loss. The manufacturer also expects that their development will help teachers to get students up to date for mastering 3D printing, the interest in which is also increasing thanks to the launch of the Thingiverse Education educational program for studying 3D printing in classrooms. Finally, the Slate Gray Tough PLA Filament Bundle kit promises to be more durable and easier to use. Now, let's take a closer look at all of this.

Replicator + and Replicator Mini +

Both 3D printers were redesigned to make them faster, easier and more reliable. MakerBot worked closely with Stratasys, conducted machine tests for a long time, and consistently introduced new technologies to improve print quality, test and verify results.

New cars are faster and quieter than their predecessors, characterized by greater performance. So, Replicator + is about 30% faster, has 25% more performance and 27% quieter than the previous generation of 3D printers. Replicator Mini + has 10% acceleration, 28% faster and 58% quieter than the previous version. Both models have MakerBot Smart Extruder +, which provides the best performance over the long term.

Precise printing has been a priority for developers and engineers of new printers. Both printers received the best printing features:

  • print accuracy;
  • appearance;
  • strain reduction.

Such results were made possible thanks to updated hardware, including ports, Z-Stage, assembly plates, extruder carriage (for Replicator + model) and firmware, a new cutting mechanism.

The Replicator + model has the additional function of a flexible assembly plate, which greatly simplifies the printing process and increases productivity. The new surface of the assembly plate provides better print quality, reduced warping, and clean printing.

The manufacturer Canary recently got the opportunity to test new solutions and gave a rather promising conclusion:

“Using MakerBot’s desktop 3D printer helped accelerate the development of the new Canary Flex, allowing us to quickly create a prototype and improve its design,” said James Krause, director of industrial design at Canary. “We were delighted with testing the new MakerBot Replicator +, and immediately noticed faster operations and better print quality.”

The recommended price of Replicator + is $ 2499, and for Replicator Mini + - $ 1299, both models are now on sale. Printers are available at $ 1999 for Replicator + and $ 999 for Replicator Mini + until October 31, 2016.

MakerBot Print & Mobile App

MakerBot has developed related solutions for integrating desktop 3d printers into designers' work environments to simplify the workflow. The new version of the mobile application from MakerBot has step-by-step installation instructions that demonstrate to the user the entire process of installing a 3D printer. The MakerBot print application is designed to print all the accumulated material.

Print Application Features:

  • It has built-in CAD support, which eliminates the need for support for STL files and saves enough user time.
  • Now users can combine files into projects and run entire projects to print.
  • The ability to store information in the form of a project file rather than disparate files has been implemented, which allows you to save print settings and layout assembly for one or more samples.
  • A new function of automatic sizing allows you to run objects in print simultaneously or sequentially.
  • A new preview option provides users with the ability to pre-view and adjust the model before printing. Users can view individual layers or scroll through an animated preview video to check all print features.

The print app and the new MakerBot mobile app support a variety of settings for the office or classroom, providing remote monitoring of print options. Literally everything from small companies to large schools now have the ability to manage and control 3D printers remotely using a video camera and status updates of the printing process. Both applications are available now.

New fiber

The new Slate Gray Tough PLA Fiber Kit is designed for professionals to create durable, accurate prototypes and fixtures that save time and money during testing. Three fiber spools are supplied with the Tough PLA Smart Extruder + from MakerBot. The new fiber combines the best characteristics of PLA and ABS, is durable and flexible.

“MakerBot's new Tough PLA fiber kit is the workhorse in functional printing. We mainly use it to prototype parts and test specimens, ”says Mack More, a senior technician at OXO who has been involved in fiber testing over the past months. “Flexibility is a key characteristic of parts so that they do not break, and even fine-tuning the equipment is difficult to achieve. The intermediate layers are firmly glued together, and at the same time, the base can be very easily removed. The material also glides well, which is attractive enough for operational adaptation. "

The new Slate Gray Tough PLA fiber kit is now available for $ 379.

Thingiverse Education Platform

The new platform is designed for teachers to communicate as part of the study of 3D printing and knowledge sharing, includes more than 100 lesson plans that have already been tested by other teachers and experts. The interface of the platform is simple, lessons can be filtered by subjects, classes, requirements.

“We believe that the introduction of 3D printing in classes can only be successful if the technology complements the teacher’s knowledge and follows the goals of the students,” says Drew Lenz, training manager at MakerBot. “With the new Thingiverse section of the platform containing training materials, educators can participate in the educator community to find lesson plans, resources, and new ways to use 3D printing in the classroom.”

There is a lot of news and solutions that you can use and adopt, especially from companies that in the past did the same as MakerBot. The stories of their past failures can help them learn from their own mistakes and, moreover, lead them to real innovation in the industry.

“Last year, a real cultural revolution took place at MakerBot, when the needs and requirements of our customers were put at the forefront. As a result, we have gained a deep understanding of the expanding needs of professionals and educators, and this has helped us incorporate them into our product development process, ”says Jonathan Jaglom, Chief Executive Officer of MakerBot. “Our new solutions for professionals and teachers are based on feedback received on the question of how we could speed up and simplify the design process, as well as make learning using a 3D desktop printer easier and more efficient.”

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