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Michelin and Fives' Addup Solutions create 3D printed molds for new tires

#SIU_news 2017-03-29 00:00:00

Tire manufacturer Michelin explained their plans for 3D printing molds for new tire castings as part of their joint venture with the Fives industrial engineering group. Formerly known as Fives-Michelin Additive Solutions, the company recently changed its name to Addup Solutions. The tire manufacturer will use additive technology to make molds with the goal of producing longer-lasting tires even with shallow tread depths.

In an interview with the European Rubber Journal (ERJ), Pierre Robert, director of the Michelin Research and Development Center in Lada, France, said:

Using 3D printing, we can create forms with very complex characteristics. The idea is to provide tread features that can be regenerated over the entire life of the tire.

Michelin takes advantage of this partnership to improve the production of new tire designs. Addup was created to develop 3D metal printing technology after Michelin said they used additive technology to prototype parts for many years. The cooperation of the companies was originally announced in 2015. Then Addup also announced a partnership with Belgian aerospace manufacturer Sonica last year.

Pierre Robert explained how additive manufacturing has enabled the company to refine its research and development processes to create “exceptional” tires.

Fives, a French-based company, “designs and supplies machine tools, processing equipment and production lines for the largest industrial companies in the world, including industries involved in the processing of aluminum, steel, glass, cement, minerals and even sugar, as well as automotive, aerospace, logistics and energy sectors. ” While the world famous tire company Michelin is best known for its automobile rubber tires, Michelin stars, and the brand’s permanent mascot, a man named Bibendum.

Addup and 3D Printing

Addup Solutions recently unveiled a model of a 3D printer working with metal powder called the FormUp 350. A multi-laser metal direct fusion device was introduced for the first time at Formnext last year.

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