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Update COGNICAD 2.1 from ParaMatters

#SIU_news 2020-07-13 00:00:00

California-based ParaMatters, a company specializing in topology optimization software, has updated its own productive cloud platform with CogniCAD-2.1

Unique design

ParaMatters has positioned generative design as an iterative process that optimizes data entry without any economic or engineering constraints. The technology allows you to quickly calculate and offer the user a part that is ready for production. The system runs in the cloud, enabling traditional topology optimization or creating innovative support structures.

CogniCAD was presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show in 2018. The product was developed for the manufacture of lightweight structures in demand in the aerospace and automotive industries. The software is configured to work with computer-aided design files. Imported data blocks are analyzed from the point of view of loading and for compliance with the requirements of the main task, after which the production process is launched.

After the first success, ParaMatters continued to develop algorithms that improve the capabilities of digital streams.

Features of the new version>

ParaMatters CogniCAD software is an intuitive, self-contained platform. The generative product optimizes the most labor-intensive stages of the process, giving the client the opportunity to adjust the basic parameters of the facility and consumables. CogniCAD takes care of the part modeling, including internal structures, analysis of each element and additive manufacturing.

An advanced cloud platform for cognitive design guarantees an affordable operating scheme, plus a wide range of basicloading conditions, additionally provides a balanced orientation of the assembly.

Now users have more alternatives for manufacturing lightweight elements that meet certain criteria in design with high accuracy.

Version CogniCAD-2.1 is able to quickly reformat generative projects for three-dimensional printing. The system downloads CAD files, defines construction criteria and presents a product ready for 3D printing. An advanced program allows you to adjust stiffness, stress, deformation limits, offers optimal assembly orientation, strengthens areas requiring support. The technology automatically collects light structures with unusual electromagnetic characteristics based on the weight, size, strength level, raw materials and cost set by engineers. Designs reproduced in CogniCAD-2.1 have a smooth surface and waterproof properties. So that consumers can choose the right combination of resolution, a significant acceleration of the calculation has been introduced.

The development provided users with an advanced toolkit combining computational geometry, advanced topology rationalization techniques, cloud superpowers and artificial intelligence. According to the creators, ideas implemented on the platform can be immediately printed on a 3D printer.

The full design cycle is reduced to a few hours, and the quality of generative structures is significantly improved with minimal human involvement. Innovation has unleashed the full potential of design capabilities for additive manufacturing.

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