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From architecture to fashion: the first 3D dress in Russia

#SIU_for_life 2018-04-25 00:00:00

What do fashion and architecture have in common? The relationship between the two areas is already indicated by the fact that some well-known fashion designers in the past were architects. So, before creating his cult brand, American fashion designer and filmmaker Tom Ford studied architecture at the Parsons New York School of Design. The architectural preferences of the fashion designer can be seen in his film “The Lonely Man”, which starred in the modernist bungalows of the 60s in Los Angeles.

Both of these areas, both fashion and architecture, are aimed at solving problems, social or cultural. They are based on form and functionality, in addition, technologies are actively manifesting themselves both in architecture and in fashion. For example, the use of a 3D printer in the design of new buildings and the creation of clothing models. Design Mate spoke with Ashken Hovsepyan, CEO of SIU System, which was engaged in printing 3D dresses for showing Russian fashion designer Igor Chapurin, the first in Russia. Ashken told us how friendly the fashion industry is in accepting such changes and how its relationship with technology will continue to develop.

The use of 3D printing in architecture, design and fashion is a steady trend that has been at least five years old. This technology opens up incredible opportunities. It allows you to get products with the highest degree of customization, which is unthinkable when using traditional tools and approaches. If we, for example, talk about clothes, then using 3D you can create products with the most complex geometry, and preliminary scanning helps to take into account the individual characteristics of the figure. Other benefits include reduced production time and manual labor.

One of the advantages of 3D printing is that there are practically no restrictions on the shape of products. Any new forms become available for production, and designers have more opportunities for creativity. There are not so many projects so far, but we are absolutely sure that the more designers there are who are ready for experiments, the more often we will be inspired and improve faster in the application of high technologies. And they, in turn, will transform our reality. We are convinced that 3D technologies - and we are talking not only about printing, but also scanning - will become a significant part of the mass market.


The process of printing small parts is not laborious - the machine completely does this job. However, post-processing of high-precision small parts requires special skills and experience, it may take some time. But in any case, it is still much faster than using traditional methods. Therefore, manual labor is still an important part of the process of creating unique products. 3D printing allows you to bring the quality and complexity of products to a significantly new level, primarily because the possibilities of this method in terms of product geometry are practically unlimited. As for 3D printing of shoes, here the trend is the manufacture of individual models of shoes taking into account the shape of the foot of the future shoe owner.

An order for a dress from designer Igor Chapurin is not the first experience of our company. For New York Fashion Week in 2014, we printed ladies hats to show fashion designer Andres Aquino. This collection caused a stir among fashionistas, was noticed and appreciated by colleagues.

Now this technology is used only by the most daring designers who are open to innovation, but we are confident that new technologies will penetrate the mass segment.

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