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Take 3D production to the next level with Figure 4

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3D Systems Company continues updating the line of materials for the unique Figure 4 and the new PRO-BLK-10 enters the market. It is an industrial grade additive material.

The advantages of Figure 4 PRO-BLK-10 are undeniable:
+ Thermoplastic-like mechanical properties.
+ Long-term environmental stability.
+ Designed for direct digital production.
+ Ultrafast printing speed on machines of the line of Figure 4 - up to 60 mm / hour.
+ Smooth surface and exceptional sidewall quality.
+ Simplified post-treatment: curing cycle and cleaning are now possible with a single solvent.

This material allows you to get high quality and performance cast parts without additional time and money on equipment.

The material is ideally suited for toolless digital manufacturing of precision plastic parts such as engine housings, couplings, latches, automotive interior parts and other general purpose parts.

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