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Potential for mass customization with AM ceramics

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The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to the fundamentals of production and market relations. Now preference is given to reducing supply chains and manufacturing everything you need in one place. Additive technologies have become popular because they help to create basic parts and structures in a short time. The methodology for the implementation of three-dimensional objects, allowing rational use of resources, organically fit into the existing methods of work and demonstrated prospects.

Flexible SLA Technology - a promising additive production line

The French brand 3DCeram has relied on stereolithography, suitable for prototyping and allowing the development of new techniques. The methodology involves the creation of components in layers using a laser polymerizing a special paste of photosensitive resin and ceramics.

Ceramic printing is well positioned in the market. The material is in demand in the electrical industry, automotive, aerospace industry and medicine.

Biodegradability, antibacterial properties, porous structure and mechanical strength allowed the use of the material for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. 3D printing accelerated vaccine production and helped create a cryotherapy probe used to prevent breast cancer. The cranial implants developed by the company are actively used as bone substitutes that guarantee the protection of anatomical structures.

Ceramics can withstand significant loads, is considered an excellent dielectric, neutral to chemicals, resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes. Aerospace companies are introducing technology for the manufacture of high-performance elements with minimal weight. The technical component has become an optimal resource providing the necessary operational characteristics, high chemical and temperature stability.

Ceramic printing potential

3DCeram uses 3D printing with ceramic, designed for mass customization. The brand’s management is confident that innovation can become a customization tool that complements existing processes, ensuring the release of missing elements.

The manufacturer has updated some 3D-machines. The compact ceramic 3D printer C100 EASY is ideal for prototyping and testing of consumables. A clear interface makes it possible to start the system within 20 minutes and create the required components from a small volume of material. After testing, it is proposed to use the C3600 ULTIMATE apparatus for the manufacture of large-scale objects and large batches of compact objects.

The company considers the C900 FLEX model to be its flagship machine. Equipment with a large assembly plate is designed for serial production. The device is equipped with the SAM option (small amount of raw materials), which optimizes the consumption of components. Innovation allows you to create complex multicomponent structures. The printer is capable of simultaneously using 4 additional resources (metal, plastic or another type of ceramic).

An important step towards accelerating production was the creation of a parts cleaning system. Intelligent support Free Link supports objects in the post-processing phase without physical attachment to the surface. This facilitates the procedure and makes it possible to control the risks of deformation during the sintering period.

In addition to unique 3D printing methodologies, the company has a rich spectrum of technical ceramics. Today, the range includes 15 variations of materials. A raw recipe is the key to success. With 20 years of research experience, the company develops pastes on request. Each formula is adapted to the existing equipment and guarantees excellent results.

3DCeram has developed a personal process audit and educational session to help customers. The software is supplemented by an after-sales service, a training offer that allows the buyer to quickly develop the necessary skills and achieve the planned level of profitability. Industrial customers are supported at every stage of the production chain. The company guarantees the user an expert understanding in the field of three-dimensional printing in order to improve productivity and ensure business profitability.

3DCeram intends to continue research and develop existing technologies through a higher level of automation. Over time, printing terms and process profitability will improve.

Additive technologies will logically complete traditional procedures. All stages of ceramic printing - from loading the STL file to layer-by-layer sintering will be intelligently integrated into the production chain.

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