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The past and future of stereo lithography (SLA)

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Figure 4 technology got its name from the illustration in Figure 4 in 1984's original Chuck Hall SLA patent. This configuration contains a key that allows modern Figure 4 installations to develop revolutionary speed.

Designed for assembly lines

 We have implemented this ultrafast additive technology in the form of separate modules that can be placed on automated assembly lines and combined with auxiliary processes, including material recovery, washing, curing and final processing steps.

Designed to expand production

 Figure 4 technology allows you to receive parts in minutes, not hours, as in conventional systems. Using sets of production modules, you can get finished parts with an interval of several seconds.

Breakthrough in the field of materials

 Unlike 3D printing with other photopolymers, Figure 4 technology is capable of producing parts from hybrid materials (multi-mode polymerization), which are characterized by plasticity, strength, biocompatibility, deformation heat resistance and even elasticity. This paves the way for new targeted applications in the field of consumer goods, medical devices and much more.

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