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Differences: printing technology

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The image shows several models that are printed by different printers and technologies.
Today we consider 3 main 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLA and SLS.

1. Start with FDM. It is worth saying that this is one of the most common 3D printing technologies in the world. Those who only learn the basics of working with 3D printers often start working with it. However, this technology is used not only by desktop machines, but also by professional and even industrial 3D printers. The principle of construction using FDM technology is layer-by-layer growing of a product from a pre-melted plastic thread.
FDM is best suited for printing large products that must have reliable mechanical properties (strength, wear resistance, flexibility).

2. Now we will analyze the SLA technology. It is fundamentally different from FDM. The SLA is based on the layered curing of a liquid material under the action of a laser beam. This technology is used in industrial and personal solutions. The main difference is print time (faster) and table size (more).
SLA is best suited for printing prototypes, and is also used where detailing is needed (figures, cases).

3. The next SLS technology. It is expensive: both in terms of equipment and in terms of materials. This additive manufacturing technology is based on layer-by-layer sintering of powder materials (polyamide, plastic) using a laser beam.
It is best suited for printing durable and accurate industrial products for functional tests, objects with complex geometry, parts of mechanisms and engines.

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