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SatRevolution and APWorks build satellite manufacturing plant in Poland

#SIU_news 2017-03-29 00:00:00

The Polish company SatRevolution has announced plans to create a new satellite manufacturing plant in Poland and use three-dimensional printing to develop the country's first satellites. SatRevolution will partner with APWorks to prototype the Światowid satellite. Airbus, called APWorks, will provide Polish developers with turnkey solutions for additive manufacturing using metal.

Światowid ("Svyatovid") is designed to measure cosmic radiation and electromagnetic interference. To facilitate startup, the design was developed in accordance with the parameters of the cube. With dimensions of 10 x 10 x 20 cm, the satellite will weigh 2 kg.

According to reports, $ 50 million will be required to complete the project, and a satellite production facility is planned to be built near the Polish city of Wroclaw.

3D printing in the space industry

3D printing is widely used by the space industry, for example, for the development of spacecraft by companies such as SpaceX, Rocket Crafters and Axiom Space. In addition, technology is now being used to develop satellites, such as the ALTAIR satellite from Millenium Space Systems. 3D printing provides a unique prototyping tool that allows companies like SatRevolution to iterate through designs and work with geometry that is not possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

Space debris

The Italian company D-Orbit also uses 3D printing to develop its satellites, which was announced at the 67th International Congress of Astronautics in Mexico last year. At the same time, D-Orbit sets itself various goals. The D-Orbit team hopes to solve the growing problem of space debris, given that near-Earth orbit is gradually turning into a cemetery of satellites. Recently, we spoke with them about their satellite, which "can only be made thanks to additive manufacturing technology."

The D-Orbit device is designed to not turn into one of these “dead” satellites, as it has a small built-in engine that will help return the satellite to Earth when necessary.


SatRevolution collaborates with APWorks to create a prototype of the Światowid satellite. At the next stage, the company will move on to the next stage, where it will be able to develop other satellites, as well as establish mass production of Światowid, which involves the creation of a specialized enterprise in Poland.

In an interview for Space News, Radoslaw Lapczynski, co-founder of SatRevolution, said:
By the end of 2017, we want to get at least 40 million zlotys ($ 10 million) for the development of the HiPER spectrometer and build a production complex that will collect satellites and their modular components.

Speaking about plans for the future, Lapczynski says that the company is currently in dialogue with private investors and "also hopes to receive funds from the European Union." The launch date of the plant "will depend on the availability of funds."

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