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SIU System at the Biennale of Innovative Textiles "Inventing Fashion"

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From March 20 to May 19, 2015 The All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art will host the first in Russia Biennale of innovative textiles "Inventing Fashion". In 2014, the project became the winner in the "Author's nomination" of the XI Grant Competition "Changing Museum in a Changing World" organized by the V. Potanin Charitable Foundation.

 Technological progress, the passage of time and changing human needs have contributed to the creation of new materials and the development of innovations, including in the field of the textile industry. Gradually, "smart" fabric with super-properties becomes an integral part of creating not only professional, but also modern designer clothes - it protects from rain, harmful environmental influences, nourishes the skin with vitamins and smells of orchids, but at the same time is beautiful and elegant. As part of the theme of this year's Biennale - "Inventing Fashion" - the project will tell about the impact of innovation on the shaping of modern fashion and lifestyle.

The main goal of the Biennale of Innovative Textiles is to become a platform for creativity, new inventions and collaboration of professionals in the field of the textile industry, museums, scientists, researchers, art critics, and young designers.

 The exposition of the exhibition, demonstrating the evolution of fabric from the first natural threads to high-tech clothing with super-properties, will present more than 400 exhibits from the collections of major Russian museums, inventions of Russian scientists, collections of leading foreign designers, including the legendary designer Massimo Osti, as well as collections of Russian designers Lyudmila Norsoyan, Victoria Andreyanova, Victoria Irbaieva, Tex-Center, SolstudioTextileDesign, Scabal, Samos and objects of the winners of the Biennale Natalia Tsvetkova, Natalia Timakova and Whisper group.

Among the exhibits: an analogue of punched cards, demonstrating the principle of operation of the world's first loom, created by Rene Jaccard in 1790 - this invention is called the "first computer technology" of the textile industry. The first Russian 3D-dress and 3D-Gucci handbag, "grown" with the official permission of the brand management. Experimental developments of Russian scientists for the space and defense industries and sports are of great interest. One of the main exhibits will be the “Confluens” dress of the winners of the Whisper Biennale competition. The project is dedicated to the topic of human adaptation to the surrounding contemporary reality. Designed with camouflage principles, the Whisper Group object dress interacts with exhibition visitors through sensory devices, demonstrating the principle of mimicry as the main means of human survival in the metropolis. The dress will become noticeable only when the viewer approaches it.

 In contrast to the latest developments in the textile industry, the exposition will also feature rare historical exhibits: magnificent samples of fabrics from the Middle and Far East, which are a real miracle of weaving technique, printed boards for creating patterns on fabrics of the late 19th century, suits of the 19th - 20th centuries, rare photographs of the process of textile production in the early XX century, etc.

The exposition of the exhibition represents the history of the development of textiles: from the origins of yarn and fabrics, through the revolutionary invention of chemical materials (nylon, nylon, dedron) to the super durable developments of the industry for clothing "dangerous" professions - athletes, firefighters and astronauts, as well as motorcycle racers, with subsequent interpretation of these materials in modern author's fashion.

 Project participants: Polytechnic Museum, Multimedia Art Museum, State Museum of Oriental Art, State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Museum Association "Museum of Moscow", Museum of Artistic Textiles of the Moscow State University of Theater Arts A.N. Kosygina, State Darwin Museum, NPO Tex-Center LLC, Schoeller the Spinning Group (Austria), SolstudioTextileDesign, Radical chic, Samos, Scabal, British Higher School of Design, Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania), Fashion Factory ZIL, Norsoyan, Victoria Andreyanova, Viktoria Irbaieva, Whisper, Freshblood, Dainese (D-Store Moscow), JSC NPP Zvezda named after Academician GI Severin ”, JSC“ FPG Energocontract ”, SIU System, 3D-Store, JForms, Digital Prime.


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