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SLA 3D Printers

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The very first additive manufacturing technology (the scientific name for 3D printing) was invented more than 30 years ago by Chuck Hall and was called stereo lithography (SLA).

The principle of operation is based on the process of curing a liquid material (photopolymer) under the influence of UV light. At the same time, the model is attached to a metal construction platform with very thin support elements made of the same material, but having lower hardness to facilitate their removal.

A source of UV radiation can be a laser, a lamp or LEDs, but in classical stereolithography, which is implemented in almost all industrial installations, it is a laser that is used, which makes it possible to use a wide variety of photopolymer materials in them with a very wide range of physical properties.
Below is a short list of materials of the most popular SLA materials from the leader in the market of stereolithographic equipment - the American company 3D Systems, which was founded by Chuck Hall himself.

Every year, the list of materials is becoming wider, and the materials themselves are becoming more durable, wear-resistant, resistant to temperature and chemical influences, etc.
For example, one of the latest materials released by 3D Systems in mid-2017 is Accura HPC (High Performance Composite). This material is a composite of photopolymer plastic and ceramic, which has a record high fluidity for such materials. Due to this, the printed parts are very easy to wash off from the remnants of the liquid photopolymer and much less support is required during printing. From the point of view of the final product, the distinctive features of this material is its very high hardness, which allows it to be used to produce models and test them in a wind tunnel when designing in the automotive and aviation industries (in ordinary plastics, the hardness is often insufficient for such an application). And also in the manufacture of electronics, since the dielectric properties of Accura HPC are close to pure ceramics, and parts of mechanisms that are resistant to wear and abrasion.

But not only print media are improving over time. Technology itself also does not stand still. Over the past couple of years, 3D Systems has released the most technologically advanced models of stereolithographic installations, in which all the most innovative technologies have been implemented, aimed at increasing the accuracy and speed of model building. For example, the method of compensating for the elongation of a laser beam spot in the plane of contact with the photopolymer material when it deviates from the vertical, which made it possible to make a huge construction zone (up to 1.5 m in length on the ProX 950 installation) with a stationary UV radiation source, and maintain an equally high printing accuracy and very large and very tiny objects. Or a system for verifying the power and accuracy of positioning a laser beam before creating each new layer of a model and the technology of automatic calibration and exposure of a blade applying a layer of photopolymer parallel to the surface of the liquid at a given height with micron accuracy.

If we add to all these innovative technologies the many years of experience gained in the creation and operation of 3C stereolithographic printers, we will get some of the most advanced additive manufacturing plants that exist today:

  • ProX 800 SLA Printer: A flexible, cost-effective, high-precision printer for high-speed plastic parts manufacturing.
  • 1500 x 750 x 550 mm (59 x 29.5 x 21.65 in.)
  • Two lasers work simultaneously.
  • Industry-Leading Speed ​​- Full-Size Models Can Be Created in Days, Not Weeks
  • Huge details with high detail, precision and clear boundaries.
  • No seams - solid, durable and hardy parts.

You yourself can appreciate the excellent quality of the models received on them, because for a year now we have been using the ProX 800 3D printer in our prototyping center to print custom models for our customers. Or to see this machine in practice with your own eyes and get an answer to all your questions regarding 3D printing, as our production is always open to visitors, and we, as the exclusive supplier of industrial equipment of 3D Systems in Russia, have all the possible information both about the plants themselves, and about the materials, software and all aspects of additive production as a whole.

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