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Creating a 3D model of a person from scratch

#SIU_for_life 2019-06-15 00:00:00

To begin with, there are several types of creating a figure: from a photo and from scratch. Today we want to parse 2 option, since it is the simplest.

So, the first thing, of course, is the order. Everything is simple here, you can call our specialists by phone, which you see in the upper right corner of the site, write to us in Personal Messages on social networks or place an application on the site in the section with services.
Next, 3D scanning. We agree with you on the date and time in advance. To scan, you will need to drive to our office. The process is carried out by a manual 3D scanner and takes no more than 10 minutes. Naturally, it does not pose any harm to health or the environment. This is only a transfer of material into virtual.
The next step is a 3D retouch. Simply put, this stage involves the processing of a 3D model and its preparation for printing.
And so, we are almost done. The culmination of the process is, of course, the 3D printing of the prepared model. The final stage of creating a mini version of you.
In a day everything is ready. Of course, the model is further processed. If it is a print made of polymer or plastic, then it must be painted, if made of gypsum, then make the colors more saturated.
On average, the full cycle of creating a 3D model of a person with 0 takes about 1 week and most of the time is spent processing the 3D model after scanning, as well as painting / finalizing the finished figure.

If you have any questions about technology or cost, then ask them by phone to our specialists. We will be happy to answer them!

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