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Sand Casting Technology

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Sand casting of various geometries is cost-effective and widely in demand. Innovative equipment is designed for the rapid production of master models for subsequent work with various alloys. The system is simple, the essence of the method consists in the stepwise application of layers of foundry sand mixed with a hardener and a binder. The activator present in the bulk component strengthens the frame. The formation of layers is performed until the desired object is ready. Development allows you to create blanks of any configuration.

Technology benefits

Three-dimensional printing significantly reduces the cost and timing of establishing mass production. This is the cheapest and most popular option for preparing castings. A rich assortment of binders makes it possible to quickly adjust the process scheme, reduce the weight of the product, and allows the production of thin-walled models and unique products.

Advantages of the method: 

- work with high-quality foundry raw materials; 
- evaluation criteria for molding materials are easy to apply; 
- the mechanism of precision application of fixing substances has been established; 
 -aggregation of sand structures without supporting structures is possible; 
- there is no need for post-processing of the final product - they are ready for use immediately after printing.

Principles of Methodology

The activities of foundry technologists are aimed at minimizing labor-intensive operations. Additive techniques come to the rescue that can speed up the work by simplifying the initial stages of the casting process. The configurations should match the parameters of the future part as much as possible, so a rational option was found - three-dimensional stamp printing, which saves resources and time.

Sand casting is a system of phased construction of an object. Key technology steps:

  • 3D prototype development;
  • printout of the workpiece;
  • testing the elements of the master model;
  • pouring aluminum or magnesium alloys, steel or cast iron into the created form;
  • cooling castings and removing the finished item;
  • 3D scanning of the manufactured object;
  • defect analysis and adjustment.

Usually rehmer form is used once, then a new model is created. The duration of the process is affected by the size of the object, equipment options, the presence of cavities and their number, the need for baking.

Product quality depends on the composition and properties of the sand. Five parameters are determined that determine the characteristics of the finished product: strength (the ability to not change the set shape of the object), heat resistance, gas permeability (the likelihood of pores appearing inside the structure), the ability to compress tightly (preventing cracking), and the likelihood of repeated use.

The 3D stamp printing scheme consists of the following steps:

  • The main technology module applies sand and a binder.
  • The build platform is moving down.
  • The next layer of consumable is formed.
  • The first three operations are repeated until the product is printed.

Operational production of forming blanks makes it possible to create prototypes and small batches of products, to develop a concept for large series.

Fields of application

Sand Casting Technology

It is in demand in various industries, including the automotive industry, the petrochemical sector, and metallurgy. The method is used for the manufacture of elements from low-carbon steel alloys, for the processing of non-ferrous metals. Development helps to get models weighing up to hundreds of tons. In this way, small rings, flywheels, bearing housings, and large-sized housing parts, components for metal cutting machines, are produced.

Quality stamping equipment

3D printers for printing castings are powered by Binder Jetting technology. Depending on the required construction zone, you can choose the best option for the equipment.

The following machines for creating sand blanks have proven themselves well:

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